105 audio on the internet

From Lu Romero, W4LT, Repeater Trustee:

I will soon (in the next couple of days) implement the long awaited audio
feed to the internet on the 105 machine. This means you will be able to
listen to the repeater on any browser on a computer or on any internet
connected device that can show a web page anywhere in the world.

All activity on 105 will be recorded as well, and your communications
through the repeater will be available for review by the control operators
for a period of 30 days. They will then automatically delete, first in
first out style.

This email is your notification that when you use105, your QSO’s will be
broadcast freely over the internet. In addition, all communication through
our system will be recorded.

Your use of the TARC 147.105 repeater means that you accept the rebroadcast
and recording of your communications over the Tampa Amateur Radio Club
repeater facilities. TARC will not be responsible for any of your actions
and statements through our facilities: You agree to accept all risks in
connection with this retransmission personally.

If you do not want your communications rebroadcast over the internet world
wide and/or recorded, and do not accept personal responsibility for your
communications through our repeater system, then you should not use this
repeater for your communications.

I will alert everyone via this reflector when the current local testing is
complete and when the audio feed is available. The feed will be available
to all users of www.broadcastify.com. I will let you know how to find it
when I turn on the Broadcastify stream in the next few days (If I can’t do
it tomorrow, then it will be Monday or Tuesday as I have to go to the
repeater site to finish the setup).

Please email me on this list or direct if you have any questions or comments
regarding the implementation of this feature.


Lu Romero – W4LT
Repeater System Trustee

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