“Remoting ham radio…It is in my future…but what’s the best way to do it”?

Kudo’s to Lu, W4LT, for his presentation Monday night on remote ham radio. This presentation covered:

  • What is/are Remote Amateur Stations
  • Why “Go Remote” in the first place?
  • Basic “infrastructure’ requirements at the control point
  • Four approaches to solving the Remote Operation problem
  • Remote Ham Radio Station Subscription (Big Guns for hire!)
  • RemoteHams Software based “ORB’s” you can use (or make yourself)
  • “Remote Rig” boxes and the K3/0 Mini controller
  • FlexRadio transceivers with and without a computer ( Maestro ! )
  • Live Demo of FlexRadio 6400 with Maestro set up for Contesting
  • Conclusions and comments.

If you missed the live presentation, please click here to view the remote operation powerpoint

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