New Arrivals!

As Trustee of W4DUG, I am pleased to announce some new arrivals in the Warren Elly Radio Room of the Tampa Amateur Radio Club. The Board has made a significant investment in upgrading our operating capabilities.  We did so in the face of the loss of our 7600 in Position A. Here are the new additions:

First, there are now two Kenwood TS 590S HF+6m radios that were acquired and placed in Position A and B. The Kenwood TS 590Ss will be primary for Digital operations such as FT8, RTTY, PSK and any other continuous duty mode. The Kenwood TS 590Ss will also serve as primary for contest operations that occur from time to time. The Kenwood TS 590S is an excellent radio for those purposes and do not share the same vulnerabilities as do Icom transceivers used in continuous duty cycle modes of which we have been advised by Icom repair staff 

Second, to replace the Icom 7600 that has been lost, an Icom IC 7610 has been acquired new from HRO and currently residing in Position B.  The 7610 is a significant upgrade from the discontinued 7600. It has a ton of features on receive that make this acquisition significant for TARC. The 7610 represents a couple of firsts for our radio room. The 7610 is the first SDR (software defined Radio) in our operations. This rig will be the best receiver in the shack. Also, the 7610 is the first radio in our radio room that provides a second receiver for ease of performing split operations most commonly associated with work DXpeditions or other rare DX using split technique. The 7610 has one VFO Control knob, but working splits are easy with the second receiver and Split and Dual Watch engaged. The primary role for the 7610 will be voice operation, CW operations and DXing. The 7610 is not to be used on continuous duty cycle modes.  The 7610 can be personalized through the SD card slot. Familiarize yourself with these procedures and always return the radio to the common setting after usage. Never attempt to change the firmware through SD card settings. 

We will have a presentation in March to familiarize our members with our new capabilities and radios. In the meantime, manuals for these radios are available on line and should be reviewed prior to operating and referred to if questions arise. Several of us are familiar with these radios so feel free to ask questions. 

Biff Craine, K4LAW 

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