Hi Volunteers,

As mentioned in the meeting last night, the Tampa Hamfest is approaching, Dec 8 and 9, and I am looking for volunteers to sell tickets and help with tailgate. With Brandon being the closest club to the Plant City fairgrounds it has always been our people who do the most work, and I thank you for that. Attached is the assignment sheet and a view of the Hamfest site. This will be the same as last year. Yes, it is a bit early, but plan to spend some extra time at the Hamfest, I know you are going (GRIN), and help out.


Volunteers are needed for the Tampa Bay Hamfest on Friday Dec. 8 and Saturday, Dec. 9. We are still at the Strawberry Fairgrounds in Plant City, see the attached Site Photo.

There will be three locations, “A”, “B” and “C”

Position “A” is the main ticket booth with two windows, A1 and A2,

Position “B” will be opposite “A” and is the entrance for tailgate vendors. It will require three volunteers, B1 and B2 for tail gate sales. B3 will help vendors and handicapped park. Vendors will leave through the main gate as do handicapped.

Position “C” 1 will be a crossing guard across Woodrow Wilson St. on Friday only between the Tailgate/Testing area and the Hamfest building on the left of the photo. Plant City will close the road on Saturday and a crossing guard is not needed.



Each volunteer will receive a coupon for each hour worked. At the end of Saturday the coupons will be put in a hat and a lucky coupon will be drawn to see who gets a gift worth $50.00. I am not eligible.


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