105 Repeater Update – Week of May 28


Bryan W9CR has let me know that he has finished the technical integration of
the new Quantar system with the CAT300 controller and the refurbished
duplexer. From what I have seen from the tests, I’m expecting excellent
performance from this system. The Quantar and the duplexer survived 24
hours at maximum power without raising a sweat. We are burned in and ready
for launch!

So, the new 105 is now released from integration/test and released for

So, here is what will be happening in the next several days, due to this
being a Holiday weekend:

– Bryan will finish the interconnection cables and feedline from the
Demarc to the repeater rack.
– I need someone “young” and “flexible” to volunteer to remove the old
Lightning Arrestor and install the new one in the bulkhead and help with the
gear at the EOC.
– We will wait until after TARC Net this Tuesday. Tuesday should be
the final TARC Net with the Yaesu system online
On Wednesday or Thursday of next week, around people schedules, the
following will happen:
o Take the system offline and remove the Yaesu Repeater, loaner
duplexer and existing circulator
o Clean up the rack and remove everything that won’t be needed for the
new machine
o Remove the RG8 feedline to the bulkhead
o Remove and replace the existing Lightning Arrestor with a new one
o Rack up the duplexer, the Quantar and the CAT300
o Run the new feedline to the rack from the bulkhead
o Plug the whole shebang in and test it on air, check SWR and power
o Make rack look nice and add blank panes, clean up and tidy wiring

EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME! Also, we really DO NOT need an audience at the
repeater site to cheer us on. Just stay at home and wait for us to install
the system. Then rejoice in the new system’s performance. Leave the heavy
lifting up to us!

Once the Quantar is up and running, this will then complete phase 1 of the

As I stated before, I would appreciate signal reports, especially from
stations that were “fringe” before. Try using it with a handheld. Try low
power on your mobile. Let us know how the coverage is and how it differs
from what we are operating now. I believe you will all be very happy with
the resulting coverage. Remember that this is a COMMERCIAL repeater. Hi Fi
audio is not its strong point. Communications quality audio is what it was
designed to deliver.

Phase 2 will require help from AG4QX and KJ4JYV (Internet drop and
telephone). Gentlemen, please call or email me, I have some questions for

In the next month, we will implement 24x7x365 audio logging on the repeater
for license security reasons. We will also need to speak with the Net
coordinators for TARC Net and the CERT net (is this still being done?) so
that we can set up both the DVR messages and any timers that need to be set
up for these functions.

More details about the new operating parameters of the repeater will follow.
Folks, now is the time for you to read your radio manual and learn how to
set your radio to use CTCSS (PL) receive decoding. Trust me on this, you
will not want to operate without this once you listen to how quiet things
sound with this option turned on. The repeater will generate 146.2 PL
(CTCSS) on its OUTPUT, as well as REQUIRE this tone on its INPUT. Due to
the way the system control parameters will be implemented, not only will we
have courtesy tones again, but you will NEVER hear a squelch crash ever

Best 73! More news will follow shortly.

Lu Romero – W4LT
Your Obedient Repeater Servant.

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