Remote Base Users – Some Operational Suggestions

Hi all Remote Base users:

Some things I have noticed that might help you enjoy the RB a bit better.

  • VOX – Please don’t use VOX.  This has been recommended by the software developers.  It has problems in the current client.  This may be rectified in the new client once it is released.  Vox looks like it works, but wont make you more intelligible.  Avoid VOX
  • This is a Kenwood radio.  Most of you are used to an Icom radio.  There is no real need to turn the preamp on unless you are on 10 meters, and that is if conditions are poor.  Using the preamp will just make the receiver much more noisy.  Kenwoods hear quitewell and don need the preamp like Icom radios do.  Ignore the S meter.  If you can hear the station clearly, leave the preamp off for best receiver audio and intelligibility
  • Turn the processor on.  The radio system is optimized for the processor.  It will help keep levels consistent between all the different users and microphones that are used on the remote.  You are in control of the audio from your computer.  Set it carefully so that you have a few red spikes on the audio wave display on the client top window.  With the proceessor on, this will give you good audio reports. Email me or any of the other admins for help with your audio settings.  The better your microphone, the better your results.  We are optimized for Yamaha CM500 headsets.
  • Please make sure you have AGC on and its either on Fast or Slow.  No AGC means no S meter.  It also means low audio and you will have to manage RF gain.  On the remote it will be much easier to not have to manage RF gain.  Make sure AGC is turned on before operating
  • Make sure you are on the wide filter.  Use the narrower filter only if you really need it for QRM. The receiver sounds much better with the wider filter.
  • MAKE SURE you press TUNE every time before you transmit.  This sets the tuner to the antenna.  This will help keep the transmitter transmitting.
  • Don’t forget that the antennas are switched for you automatically depending on the band you are operating
  • Please remember that the remote takes a little time to switch from receive to transmit and that there is a half second delay from when you press the PTT button to the time the transmitter comes on and goes off.  Practice with this timing, especially in pileups.  It takes a while to get the hang of it. Practice makes perfect.

We hope that these things help you enjoy the remote base a bit more.

With best 73
Lu Romero – W4LT
Senior RB Admin

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