Radio FOXHUNT after TARCfest

There will be a Foxhunt informal contest after TARCfest on April 9th., beginning at 12:30 PM.  It will be held at the Tampa Amateur Radio Club.  Go to for directions.

Every Saturday at 9:00 AM and Every Monday at 7:30 PM until April 9th,  there will be a session to teach you how to build a directional antenna to be used for the Foxhunt.  The antenna will be constructed of a metal tape measure and PVC pipe.  Paul Wiese will be the instructor.  He will provide all the materials, such as glue, connectors, cable, etc, as well as tools,  for you to build a unique hand held beam antenna for the foxhunt.  You will need that directional antenna to locate the “Fox” transmitter. on April 

You will be working in pairs for the actual foxhunt.  So, you will need to have one hand held 2 meter amateur radio for the foxhunt.  Paul will have one to show you how to use it.  He will provide the necessary connectors for your radio, such as BNC, SMA (male or female).

Bring your radio and don’t forget to charge your battery!

Contact Joel John, KI4SFT with any questions.

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