Special TARC General Meeting



‘DRIVE-IN’ location: University Sq. Mall parking lot (left side, old Burdines)

2200 East Fowler Ave, Tampa

This will be a ‘Drive-in’ meeting of all TARC membership to vote on two changes to the TARC By-Laws. We will be staying in our cars and conducting the meeting using Simplex on 2 m.  We need at least eight (8) non-board members to be present to have a quorum.  All members are welcome.

Larry Wissinger,
Club Secretary

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Treasurer’s Report – May 2020


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Treasurer’s Report – April 2020


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“Remoting ham radio…It is in my future…but what’s the best way to do it”?

Kudo’s to Lu, W4LT, for his presentation Monday night on remote ham radio. This presentation covered:

  • What is/are Remote Amateur Stations
  • Why “Go Remote” in the first place?
  • Basic “infrastructure’ requirements at the control point
  • Four approaches to solving the Remote Operation problem
  • Remote Ham Radio Station Subscription (Big Guns for hire!)
  • RemoteHams Software based “ORB’s” you can use (or make yourself)
  • “Remote Rig” boxes and the K3/0 Mini controller
  • FlexRadio transceivers with and without a computer ( Maestro ! )
  • Live Demo of FlexRadio 6400 with Maestro set up for Contesting
  • Conclusions and comments.

If you missed the live presentation, please click here to view the remote operation powerpoint

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COVID-19 Update: Clubhouse Activities Suspended Until Further Notice

The TARC board of directors has made the decision to suspend ALL organized meetings, testing, events and open houses until further notice due to COVID-19.

The clubhouse will continue to be available for platinum members.

Please continue to monitor this site and / or our e-mail list for updates on club activities.


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COVID-19 Coronavirus Update

To All Club Members,

As you well know, there are cases of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) in Hillsborough, Pasco, and Pinellas counties. Besides the Corona virus, there are the normal expected flu and cold bugs going around. We ask that you please be helpful to your fellow club members and take the following common-sense precautions to reduce everyones risk:

1) Please wash your hands before eating, drinking, or preparing any food, including coffee.

2) Please wash your hands before using the radios and/or computers.

3) If you have any flu or cold symptoms, please consider staying at home and refraining from attending meetings or visiting the clubhouse until symptom-free for at least a couple of days.

Some Club members have underlying medical conditions that may render them less resistant to any infections, making any resulting illness more severe. We want to keep our friends healthy, so please follow these three requests.

Currently, the Tampa ARC Board has not announced any moratoriums or suspensions on meetings and get-togethers, nor has the Board announced any closure of the clubhouse. The Board is monitoring the situation concerning COVID-19 and will provide updates as needed. Please check back for updates regularly, and monitor the 147.105 repeater.

Click here for updated information from the CDC:


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Paying Your Dues

To All Club Members,

If you haven’t paid your 2020-2021 dues yet, please do so. Your membership dollars help to support a club station with excellent antennas and equipment at each of six operating positions and a library with all the technical knowledge you will need to set up, operate, and maintain your station. You also support a meeting place where you and fellow hams can share technical knowledge, get assistance with many common problems in amateur radio, tell tall tales, and even have a laugh or two. For $35/year, it’s a great deal.

You can pay by clicking on the Join or Renew button from the main page, you may bring cash or a check to a Monday night or Saturday morning session, or mail your payment to TARC: P.O. Box 11933 Tampa, FL 33680.

We are not NPR, but the pitch sure sounds similar……………….

73 de Lee KX4TT

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Daylight Savings Time Begins This Sunday

Just a reminder – Daylight Savings Time begins this Sunday at 0200. Remember to move your NON-UTC clocks forward one hour. Also, be safe and  please change your batteries in your smoke alarms.

73 de Lee KX4TT


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March Newsletter – Upcoming Events

Check out the latest Tampa ARC events!

73 de Lee KX4TT

TARC Newsletter March 2020

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Treasurer’s Report – March 2020


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