TARC Officers and Board of Directors (2020-2021)


OfficerName / Callsign
President and ChairmanBill Bode, N4WEB
Vice presidentDavid Birnbaum, K2LYV
SecretaryLarry Wissinger, KM4LEW
TreasurerDaniel McDonald, KA2TOC

Board of Directors

SeatName / CallsignTerm
1Art Gibson, AE4AG3 year term (4-1-2020 until 4-1-2023)
2Larry Wissinger, KM4LEW3 year term (4-1-2020 until 4-1-2023)
3Bill Bode, N4WEB 3 year term (4-1-2019 until 4-1-2022)
4Larry Gispert, KR4X 3 year term (4-1-2019 until 4-1-2022)
5David Birnbaum, K2LYV3 year term (4-1-2018 until 4-1-2021)
6Daniel McDonald, KA2TOC3 year term (4-1-2018 until 4-1-2021)
7Michael Wasylik, AE4AW 1 year term (4-1-2020 until 4-1-2021)
8Lee Boulineau, KX4TT1 year term (4-1-2020 until 4-1-2021)
9Brian Treadwell, WV4V1 year term (4-1-2020 until 4-1-2021)
10Lu Romero, W4LTVHF/UHF Trustee for call sign N4TP
11Biff Craine, K4LAWHF Trustee for call sign W4DUG

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