Frequencies Currently in Use for Texas

Texas: Ham Radio Emergency (updated 6:40PM CST 8/27/17)

All Sections:

14.300.00 USB Maritime Mobile Service Net
14.325.00 USB Hurricane Watch
3.873.00 LSB Texas ARES/Texas Traffic Net
3.910.00 LSB Central Texas Emergency
3.935.00 LSB Texas ARES Health & Welfare/Hurricane Watch Net
3.975.00 LSB Texas RACES Alternate/State Operation Center
3.980.00 LSB Alabama Traffic Net (Supporting Harvey Health and Welfare)
7.240.00 LSB Texas Emergency
7.248.00 LSB Texas RACES Primary
7.250.00 LSB Texas Emergency
7.273.00 LSB Texas ARES Alternate
7.285.00 LSB Texas ARES Emergency Day
7.290.00 LSB Texas ARES Health & Welfare

South Section: Texas Traffic Net

3.955.00 LSB South Texas Emergency

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