Field Day Update

We are a week away from setup, and all but one detail is in place. We still don’t have anyone who will handle the food. Given that, I’ll take the lead on this, and ask that everyone pitch in and help.

Since I have too many hats, to make this simpler, I would to make the food preparations this year a “pot luck” style affair. If anyone has the time to coordinate this, please let me know.

The plan …

I’ll get lots of water, sodas, snacks for munching on during the weekend
Saturday lunch will be subs, chips, etc.

Saturday dinner will be pot luck.

To make this work, we’ll need a signup, so we don’t have 20 bags of chips and pies, and nothing else.

I’d like to ask everyone bring something from the below list, but to keep it sane, please tell me what you plan to bring, so we don’t have more than three in each category.

Meat … Aka, chicken, beef, pork, etc. .. a casserole of this works best. Stews work too.
Pasta … Macaroni salad, three bean, etc.
Salad … Greek, Cesar, Italian, dressings, etc.
Vegetable … Beans, carrots, peas, etc.
Starch … potato salad, breads, etc.
Desserts … Pie, cake, cupcakes, etc. …
Plates, knives, forks, spoons, napkins
Cheese .. Like a platter with crackers, etc.

Whatever you bring needs to be able to sit out for 2-3 hours, and not require much more than being kept warm in a pan. We don’t have any cooking facilities except a gas grill.

Please let me know what you plan to bring, and I’ll keep a list and update it daily.

Sunday breakfast … Coffee, Donuts, breakfast sandwiches

Sunday Lunch … Something simple .. Maybe pizza, etc.


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